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eBook : The Workplace Guide to Arc Flash Safety

Introduction: With the rising frequency of reported arc flash accidents, and the potential for serious injury or death, arc flash is a serious concern. It's...

eBook : The A-Z of Health and Safety

Contents: List of abbreviations viiiList of figures xiList of tables xiiAccident and ill health costs and losses 3Accident and ill health data 7Accidents and accident...

eBook : A Quick Guide to Health and Safety

Introduction: Attention all employers, employees, managers and business owners, Health and Safety (H&S) is here to stay. I suspect you knew that already – in...

eBook : A Practical Guide to Fire Alarm Systems

Introduction: This third edition of A Practical Guide to Fire Alarm Systems is the first electronic version of the guide. The guide is a collaborative...

eBook : Accidents zero

From Accidents to Zero: A Practical Guide to Safety Culture is positively different from traditional safety and health books. Sharman points out that we...

eBook : Accident/Incident Prevention Techniques Second-Edition

IntroductionThe objectives of Healthy People 2020 have not changed but will experience some modifications. The 2020 objectives for work related injuries will be to• Reduce...

eBook : Small Entity Compliance Guide for the Respiratory Protection Standard

IntroductionAgencies are required to prepare and publish one or more guides to assist small entities in complying with regulations for which an agency is...

eBook : 5-Minute Workplace Safety Talks

IntroductionOSHA believes that training is an essential part of protecting workers from injuries and illnesses. Many OSHA standards explicitly require the employer to train...

eBook : Evaluation of Fire Safety

Evaluation of Fire Safety is a comprehensive book that explores different aspects of fire safety, ranging from the nature of the fire hazard, major...

eBook : Fire Service Features of Buildings and Fire Protection Systems

Fire Service Features of Buildings and Fire Protection Systems is a manual that provides a general overview of a particular topic related to OSHA...
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