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eBook : The Workplace Guide to Arc Flash Safety



With the rising frequency of reported arc flash accidents, and the potential for serious injury or death, arc flash is a serious concern. It’s important to increase safety and compliance in your workplace by better understanding and identifying arc flash hazards. In this guide, get answers to your questions and learn more about arc flash events, the NFPA 70E standard, and how to reach compliance with labeling and risk assessments

Chapter 1: Understanding Arc Flash

  • What is Arc Flash?
  • How Can an Arc Flash Occur?
  • What Impacts the Size of an Arc Flash Event?
  • What are the Dangers of an Arc Flash Event?

Chapter 2: The NFPA 70E Standard

  • What is NFPA 70E?
  • What Does the NFPA 70E Standard Include?

Chapter 3: Risk Assessments

  • Why is a Risk Assessment Performed?
  • What is a Risk Assessment?
  • What is an Arc Flash Boundary?
  • What is the Next Step?

Chapter 4: Arc Flash Labeling

  • Who is Responsible for Labeling?
  • What Should be Labeled?
  • What if Electrical Equipment is Updated?
  • Where Should Labels be Placed?
  • What Label Format Should be Used?
  • What ANSI Header Should be Used?
  • How Durable Should Labels Be?
  • What Should Appear on an Arc Flash Label?

Chapter 5: Workplace Solutions

  • What are Some Labeling Options?
  • Who Should Perform Arc Flash Risk Assessments?

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